Above you see the most popular example for Parabolic Curve-the Dish Antenna

What is a Parabola: A simple way to define would be, Parabolas are U-shaped Curves that satisfy specific conditions.

Remember: Not All U-shaped Curve is a Parabola

Question: Why is the Dish Antenna designed in the shape of a Parabola

This is to facilitate no matter where the incoming Signals hit the Dish Antenna, they get Directed | Reflected to the Receiver

Note: This point is the Fixed point and is called the FOCUS

For this Torch, the outer surface is Parabolic in shape and a Bulb is placed at the FOCUS point so that the light coming out has the maximum reach.

How do we define a Parabola

Consider a fixed Line and a fixed point, say F. Now find all of the points whose distance from the line and the fixed point are equal (equidistant). Now if we were to connect all of these points they would all lie on a Curve and we call that curve to be a Parabola

The Fixed point is called the Focus and the Fixed line is called the Directrix. The shape of the Parabola will depend on the position of the Focus and the Directrix

Properties of Horizontal Parabola

When "a" is negative

Type II