What We

What we are good at

We make Math Lesson simple

Innovative Teaching Strategies

With every Concept we strike a Connection to the real world Example. So that the learner can better appreciate the concept.

Perfect Practice makes you Perfect

Practice Problems are custom designed to suit the Learners cognitive levels. The level of Challenge in a problem is gradually augmented to ensure that the learner feels at ease and is interested to reach optimal levels.

Digital Experience

Math Online Tests

Topic Based Online Tests

Learning without Testing, remains today and gone tomorrow. Hence we ensure that every Topic is provided with a High end Custom designed Testing area, where the learner can perform the test and measure the performance.

Paper Based Test Segment

Of course, we understand that not everything can be achieved through Online Mode and thus we have this line of operation to benefit learners. Learners can upload their Work to the site, and educators will examine the work for flaws and slips and will provide feedback that can be used to improve on.

Language Competence

English Language

Language Intelligence

We clearly understand the importance of English in the world that we live in and we have also realized the need to improve the English Language competence among learners.

Math-English Connection

No matter how good one is at getting solutions, one ought to be able to put them in writing. In other words, clearly representation of ideas gives a completeness to the Education one acquires. In this area, we ensure that our Learners could effectively use the language of English in representing their train of their Mathematical thought acceptable to the Academia.